Kyne Property Group
Keller Williams Nashville




  Tim Kyne

   KPG Owner

KPG founder, Tim Kyne, developed his love and appreciation for historic homes, construction, renovation, and Real Estate through his childhood home - a 200-year-old historic log house outside Pittsburgh, PA.

Over the last 20 years Tim has been very intentional about building a relationship-based team as well as being the Real Estate Economists of choice. At KPG we invest time and energy on a daily basis into researching and understanding all aspects of the real estate market in Nashville and the economics that impact our city and our industry.  As markets change, we adapt to consistently provide winning strategies that benefit our clients. Being a strong partner and advisor requires more than top notch market research, it also requires excellent communication skills. We truly listen to our client's needs. Our team starts every partnership with discovering what is important for you. In addition, we are a full service team. We will take care of you from start to finish and beyond by pairing you with the best in the business through each step of your experience and home ownership.

While we’ve been focused on our clients, our hard work has been recognized. Tim has achieved a Lifetime Achievement Award with the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors after 7 consecutive Diamond Elite Awards. Tim has also been recognized as a Top Luxury Agent with Keller Williams International, earning a Triple Platinum designation. KPG is consistently ranked as a Top 10 team for the entire Southeast Region and is included in Gary Keller’s Top .2% of business owners holding Mastermind collaborative sessions throughout the year. Our goal is to pass this along to you, the client, to help you make the best possible decision!



  Molly Mason

   Lead Agent 

After graduating from Michigan State University, Molly relocated to Nashville in 2015 and joined Kyne Property Group. 

Now in her 8th year and the Lead Agent for KPG, Molly is strongly aligned with the KPG core values of integrity, transparency, and excellent client service.  What sets Molly apart is her extensive knowledge of the Nashville market and the economics that impact your decision as a buyer, investor, developer, or seller.  It doesn't hurt that she also has a keen eye for architectural design.  Molly's goal is to be a valuable resource at any point in her clients real estate journey.



Guy Ferro | Buyer's Agent

Guy Ferro


Guy fell in love with real estate when his family relocated to Nashville in 2008. He loved the process of looking at different styles of homes and learning all the different parts of town. After High School, Guy went to Chattanooga where he attended The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and graduated last 2014. He began selling real estate at the start of 2015 and he is consistently in the top 20% of the marketplace and is hyper-focused on providing the highest level of client service. This focus on providing top quality service and guidance aligns perfectly with KPG's value proposition and makes Guy a valuable partner for our clients and our team. During his free time, Guy enjoys playing the guitar, playing golf, exercising, and dining out at new Nashville restaurants with his wife Kaley.



   Chadd Bryant | Buyer's Agent

Chadd Bryant


For nearly 20 years in Nashville, Chadd Bryant has gained adoration and trust as one of Nashville’s most sought after celebrity stylist, and now he brings his creativity and client care to helping you find your next Real-Estate investment. Chadd learned in his younger years the importance of quality construction and design detail from his grandfather who builds homes as their family business. His life-long interests in real estate and his successful commitment in catering to his clients’ unique styles are delivering excellent results for his home buyers and sellers. He is eager to work with you to make your dreams a reality. His goal is “Superior Service” and he intends to deliver.



Danny Polm


Reigning from Annapolis, Maryland, with a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree, Danny has a knack for investigative work. Mix that with his previous occupations in home building, land acquisition, and land development, it’s a no-brainer his next career step was the completion of the real estate pie chart. After, finding a new home in Nashville in 2018, one year later he began his journey as a Realtor. He harnesses knowledge and experience from the full scope of the real estate world. His love for people and dedication to service drives him to continually pursue education, always improving his skills and local knowledge.

From coast to coast, water sports fill his heart and soul. If he’s not floating down the Piney River here in Tennessee, he packs up and ships out to Costa Rica in search of perfect waves and sunshine. And if that doesn’t do the trick, he’ll head to South Florida for some ocean fishing; always keeping one eye on the surf report.