Work Hard, Play Hard

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Studies show that having fun in the workplace has multiple benefits. It increases productivity, builds camaraderie and enhances employee loyalty. It also reminds people of their value to their managers, their organization, and to each other.

The outgrowth of a positive and fun work environment has shown increases in employee commitment and job satisfaction. The gold standard for many companies is to not only provide great careers, but fuel great lives. Having fun as a team can help with both. Here are some of the benefits for providing a fun yet productive environment in the office. 

Emotional Well-Being

Having fun is an integral component of emotional wellness. Fun serves as an excellent motivation for engagement and participation. Additionally, if people are having fun while at work, they will likely deliver better results because they perform better when happy. 


If you have a team that is struggling, try setting aside some time for team-building. When people are having fun with their co-workers, teamwork improves. Regular activities as simple as monthly lunches that get teams together will help everyone learn and appreciate each other. 


Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity begins with a foundation in knowledge, disciplines and thinking. Fun can foster creativity because a relaxed and enjoyable work environment is more conducive to creative thinking. 


Some say another word for loyalty is retention. Employees who have good relationships with co-workers generally are late less and miss fewer days of work. Most importantly, they actually look forward to coming to work. Loyalty leads to the overall morale of the organization, which improves as a whole.

Having fun at work isn’t only about Ping-Pong tables, celebrating accomplishments or company socials. It’s about striking the balance where employees are happy with their role and their colleagues and are motivated and focused toward their workplace responsibilities.

Everyone contributes to making work more fun and enjoyable. 
Employees don’t have to rely on their company to create a fun work environment – they can create one themselves. Each one of us can have an impact on our working environment and make it more fun for ourselves and for everyone around us. How will you have fun at work today?