What you need to know about Facebook Live

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Like it or not, Facebook is the omnipresent social media headliner. Its communication and networking possibilities are endless. In keeping true to form by being one step ahead, Facebook recently rolled out a new live video feature called Facebook Live.

Capitalizing on the latest trend of online video consumption and in-the-moment updates, Facebook Live has the potential to change the way real estate agents do business by bringing live, virtual-home showing to their Facebook page. Useful all year long, this can be especially beneficial during the winter months when buyers are reluctant to tour homes in the cold weather.

Mobile technology has made us accustomed to receiving news almost instantly. With Facebook Live, we are able to not only read but SEE the latest happenings. This new capacity not only can keep us in touch, it can be a powerful marketing tool. But first, let’s understand the basics of Facebook Live. 

Similar to Periscope and Meerkat, Facebook Live is live-streaming video with the ability to include a description of the event. By tapping the live stream icon from the platform, you begin broadcasting video live from your phone.

Any Facebook users who follow you have the ability to “tune in” to your video. When you are done, you simply push finish to end the video. Your video is now permanently available on your timeline for viewing.

PRO TIP: You have up to 30 minutes of broadcasting time to record and you can choose your audience by blocking certain viewers.

Using Facebook Live for Virtual Home Tours

A virtual home tour can bring life to a home that words and photos cannot. 
A virtual tour showcases the feel and perspective of each room and the entire home in general. It can be used to show off dramatic views or intricate details. Viewers are now able to see the home tour remotely eliminating location or scheduling complications. It’s also a fantastic way for you as an agent to connect with your potential clients. Not to mention, your audience can surge up into the thousands if promoted successfully. 

 A couple of keys to successful live streaming are:

• Make sure of your connection speed and reliability before going live. 
• Write a captivating description (“headline”) to give your viewers a sneak peek of what’s coming up and what to expect. 
•  To attract the most followers, let them know ahead of time that you will be going live so they can tune in.
•  Make your audience a part of the experience by engaging them. Ask them to respond to a question or offer feedback.