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Social media marketing has become an important lead generation strategy in many real estate businesses – and for good reason. When used correctly, social media allows you to instantaneously connect with potential clients and begin to build relationships that will result in more business.

While there are many popular platforms, realize that each has its own purpose. Many agents will find that Facebook (where the people are) and Instagram (the perfect place to show off your listings) suit their businesses best.

If you’re new to the world of social media, Marliese Gowin, social media manager at Keller Williams Realty International, offers several social media best practices:

Focus on your clients. Who doesn’t love to see photos and stories of happy clients? Plus, posting photos of your clients and tagging them is an excellent way to increase the reach of your posts beyond your followers. Just be sure to get their permission before you do so!

Talk about your business. After all, that’s why you created your accounts. Before you go into any business-related posts, make sure to keep your content relevant, consumable and appealing. Some tips:

Create a photo album for every new listing you add.

Mark each milestone for your career and for your clients, including celebrating each buy and sell on their behalf.

Talk about positive experiences you've had with clients and other agents.

Give nods to collaborations in your market center.

Share resources and articles that you think will help or provide value to your clients!

Keller Mortgage is a great example. Both buyers and sellers win with their ZeroPlus loan. Check and see if it’s available in your area, and if so, use the social graphics suite to share the value!

Show the world who you are. Social is a great sales and marketing tool, but balance your business posts with some that show off your personality, values and aspects of your daily life.

Use past performance as a guide. Glean insights from how your posts perform in terms of reach and reaction from your unique audience. You may find that your audience doesn't like seeing anything from your personal life, but they love the informational articles you share. Or maybe they only want to see listings and don't engage with any of your event postings. Use this information to keep your following engaged and growing.

Once you put these best practices into action and your page is filled with organic posts, you can consider venturing into boosted or paid ads to garner even more attention and extend the reach of your message. If you’re interested in venturing down this path, consider joining KW Technology’s Facebook Ad Accelerator Labs Program.