Turning Website to a Lead Generation Machine

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Now that you have set up your new KW Website, added some fresh content, and made a plan to drive traffic and boost your SEO, it's time to actually start driving more traffic to your site.

Getting traffic to your site is key, for sure. But it’s just the beginning for your online marketing strategy. Generating high-quality leads from this traffic is a whole other challenge. Fortunately, there are many ways to get more leads. And while turning your Placester-powered site into a finely tuned lead machine is one part art and one part science, you don’t have to be a creative guru or programmer to start capturing and nurturing more leads today.

Fortunately, just being online with a great looking, responsive site gets you into the game, for as NAR has pointed out:

“90% of home buyers search online during their real estate search process, and 52% of first-time buyers start there.”

The question remains, though: How do you get the right audience to your site, wow them with a great experience and ultimately motivate them to give you their contact information? Beyond using email and social channels to promote your website, simplifying your contact form fields and other site calls to action (CTAs) can have a big impact on getting visitors to raise their hand and start a conversation.

Here are some simple examples:

Less is more when it comes to lead capture forms— If you have more than three form fields on your lead capture form, scale it down. Asking your visitors for just their first and last name plus their email can create 25% higher response rates!

Use CTAs sparingly, and make sure they are in good company — Limit your CTAs on each page (one primary CTA should be enough), and make sure buttons or links are next to the most compelling content, like a client testimonial.

Tell visitors exactly what they get when they click a CTA — If you’re asking visitors to sign up for your newsletter, tell them just what they’ll get if they hand over their email address: “Expect helpful email updates from me twice a month!”

Test different offers on different site pages — It’s okay to mix it up when it comes to trying different messages, layouts, imagery, et cetera. Personalized images (or even videos) that explain your offer(s) can be particularly engaging.

Want more expert tips? Download your free copy of Placester’s new ebook “10 Simple Actions to Improve Lead Capture on Your Real Estate Website.” It’s a quick read packed with lots of practical advice on creating more click-worthy CTAs, getting more site visitors and providing value to them on each page of your site. Download it here: go.placester.com/real-estate-lead-capture-ebook.

Article written by Allen Bonde of Placester (twitter.com/abonde)