The Power of Face to Face Prospecting

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How did Keller Williams associate Rachel Adams go from working at the front desk of a real estate office to being named one of The Wall Street Journal’s “Top 1,000 Agents”? And, ranked in the top 1 percent of all REALTORS® in Placer and Sacramento counties?  

“By shifting my mindset and becoming a powerhouse prospector,” she says.   

Adams outlines her journey to becoming a top producer and shares several philosophies and activities to help you on your journey to success. 

Gary Keller said that the average mega agent is a student 52 days out of the year. That means once a week they are learning.

“I committed to being a student of the game. Podcasts, reading a book or sitting in a class. I realized that with Keller Williams I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel because with Keller Williams all you have to do is hop on! There’s the Red Book, there’s BOLD, there are all these phenomenal classes and books.”

Adams’ winning mindset and impassioned drive stem from finding her own power within. At the onset, she patterned herself after the successes of the top producers around her.

“I’m going to do what a top producer would do. I’m going to speak like one, I’m going to read like one, I’m going to train like one. If a top producer would do it, then I’ll do it. If they won’t, then I won’t.”

“I realized that I had it within me, but was I going to go after it? Was I willing to do the work?”

At that point, Adams committed to cold calling / door knocking 200 houses a week. The activity was integral in helping her reach her business goals and provided her with an opportunity to offer value to her neighborhoods. She handed out value-added, time-relevant fliers (e.g., pumpkin patch locations in October, firework vista points in July).

“Of course I let them know I was their local real estate expert. But I just made it about serving, not selling. I make my mission about giving, about contributing to my neighborhoods.”

“I embraced the art of a ‘clean no’”
Adams celebrates and is committed to living a life of intention, integrity and authenticity. In doing so, she challenges agents to “embrace the art of a ‘clean no.’  Meaning that acting with your true intentions is as much about respect as it is with self-respect. 

In Red Talks: The Power of Face to Face Prospecting, Adams explains how to develop an abundant mindset, focus on serving instead of selling and build relationships (and your business) through face-to-face prospecting.