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The Power of Handwritten Notes!

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In this technology age, it seems as if the handwritten thank-you note has gone out of style. But there are reasons why this practice should make its way back into your real estate business.

A thank-you note can stand out from the seemingly dull and impersonal style of digital communications such as emails and texts. With mailing lists and newsletters coming at your clients from nearly every business they visit, a thank-you note is a tasteful and sincere demonstration of your gratitude.

Some agents may think that a thank-you note is only warranted at the close of escrow, but there are many opportunities to send thank-you notes to your clients. Don’t miss an opportunity to send a personal handwritten note on these occasions:

Thanking clients for sending you referrals

Following up after listing presentations

Thanking new clients for listing with you

The anniversaries of the purchase of a home

Special occasions such as birthdays and graduations

So now that you have some ideas as to when to send a handwritten thank-you note, here are tips for how to write a note that will stand out. Don’t forget to include:

The date

A salutation addressing the reader by name

An opening line of thanks and a specific mention of your gratitude

Your signature

How long should a thank-you note be?
Thank-you notes need only be three or four sentences long. You don’t have to be formal or lengthy, as they are meant to be simple, genuine and gracious.

Thank-you notes should be written promptly, ideally within a week’s time of the occurrence sparking the note. However, a “late” thank-you note is better than none at all.

What to say

Be specific in referencing the kindness of your addressee’s gesture. Make it clear why you are sending the note, as well as be personal and heartfelt. A signature alone on a pre-printed card can be perceived as insincere.


Keep a stack of blank thank-you notes in stock so you are always ready to send one. Thank-you notes with pre-printed sayings on the inside are OK, but be sure to add your own sentiments if you choose to use those cards. It’s also a good opportunity to have your company logo printed on the front of the cards.