Nashville developments to watch in 2017

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At first blush, it sounded like a simple concept: Let's do a slideshow of the developments to watch this year. All that has to be done was scan Crane Watch and Williamson Watch and ...

Boy, there continues to be a ton going on in the region. And good luck whittling that down into a slideshow that isn't unwieldy.

The Nashville Business Journal weighed factors such as dollar amount, location, scale and the impact each project is poised to have on its surroundings. Please note: The slideshow is not in any particular order. And, to be sure, these are far from the only things that is expected to be tracking closely this year. Pat Emery's Franklin Park office campus, the Hill Center Brentwood mixed-use development, the Aertson Midtown project near Vanderbilt University, a luxury hotel in SoBro and this pioneering bet in Murfreesboro are just a few that come to mind.