It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Drone!

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The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, aka drones, has seen a huge expansion in the real estate industry. This winter, the Federal Aviation Administration opened up the use of drones, and operators no longer need a commercial pilot’s license to fly them. As a result, drone popularity is soaring.

Properties with large tracts of land, acreage or multiple buildings benefit greatly from a drone’s sky-high perspective. 

Aerial footage allows a land buyer to see a property from a unique angle and analyze its features in ways that still photography can’t capture. “Listings that incorporate drone footage get more online traffic and buyers spend more time on the webpage viewing the property,” says Kasey Mock, director of innovation for KW Farm & Ranch.

Sellers can also showcase their properties through aerial footage – an option that was previously cost prohibitive.

“Drones have made it more affordable for video producers and storytellers to add production value and give their audience a new perspective to the scene. The opportunity to keep audiences engaged is invaluable and many industry professionals are adding drones to their production equipment tool set,” says Elisa Pena-Kim, production coordinator for KW Video.

High-quality aerial photography and video can differentiate a property from all others. Dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, vistas and fly-arounds of a home’s exterior will distinguish a listing with awe-inspiring video and photographic storytelling.

Buyers are also attracted to the use of drones for quick looks at everything from rooftop inspections to neighborhood layouts to traffic congestion.

Watch the video below to see a drone in action!

Before you fly for fun, read the FAA's drone guidelines