Improve your Well-Being and bottom line

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Finding time and motivation for wellness in between lead generating, showings, and listing presentations can be challenging. Especially after chaotic mornings of trying to get the kids to school, gas in the car and bills paid.

However, without proper wellness, you would not be able to perform the activities that drive your business. When you consider that staying healthy can positively impact productivity and your bottom line, incorporating wellness into your life just makes sense.

Celebrating Wellness at Keller Williams

It’s our job as a Keller Williams family to take care of one another as well as ourselves. We observe Wellness Day annually to mark our concerted efforts to incorporate wellness and fitness into our busy lives. Celebrating together demonstrates the Keller Williams commitment to creating balanced and healthy lifestyles for all of our family members.

Beyond Wellness Day, there are opportunities year-round to improve your physical and mental health. By incorporating wellness into your life, you can benefit from fewer sick days, less stress, and increased energy and productivity.

Barriers to Wellness

To reap the benefits that come with wellness, you must overcome the barriers that bar the way. To help, we’ve outlined common barriers and related solutions below.

Barrier: chronic health conditions

When it comes to implementing wellness, what you need to do to be healthier can be very specific – especially if you have a chronic health condition. The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index found that 77 percent of workers surveyed had chronic health conditions such as asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity or pain.

If your chronic health issues go unmanaged, you may be showing up to work but not fully functioning. Experts refer to this as “presenteeism” – lost productivity due to real health problems.

Solution: consult with your doctor

If you are experiencing symptoms that may lead you to believe you have a chronic condition, visit your doctor right away for an accurate diagnosis. Discuss which wellness activities would benefit you the most and learn how to integrate these into your life.

Barrier: lack of motivation

Incorporating wellness makes dollars and sense for yourself, but finding the motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always come automatically.

Solution: buddy up!

Review community calendars to find an upcoming wellness event or activity that you’d like to attend and invite your co-workers or friends! If you would like to go one step further, plug in wellness activities into your team’s quarterly plan. Here are a few ideas:

Create a bulletin or virtual board for suggesting local events and activities that promote physical health and mental well-being. Challenge each other to select one to attend or accomplish each quarter.
Use an app or website to find healthy choices on favorite local menus. Post a list for the office and to share with clients.
Barrier: busy schedule

As the meetings on your calendar pile up, it is tempting to shove wellness activities to the bottom of your priority list.

Solution: weave wellness into the workday

One of the easiest ways to beat a busy schedule is by incorporating wellness into your workday.

Get outdoors and walk during meetings. You’ll tally up steps and soak up some vitamin D.
Map out restaurants and coffee shops nearby and walk to pick up your favorite lunch or beverage.
Turn off your email and take some time to relax in silence.
Try an adjustable-height standing desk. Alternate standing and sitting, starting with 20 minutes at a time.
Practice a breathing technique, such as 4-7-8, to slow your heart rate. Five minutes at your desk, in your car, or sitting outside can reduce anxiety and help you focus.
Take a look at some of the top rated fitness apps and gadgets to keep you on track.
By making time for wellness, you not only improve your physical health, but also your spiritual, mental and financial well-being!