How to take listings through the Holidays

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Many people assume that November and December are the worst months of the year to buy or sell a home because people are preoccupied with the holidays, family gatherings, and traveling. Conventional wisdom says that putting a home on the market should be pushed out until long after New Year’s bells have rung, or the last Super Bowl touchdown is scored, or the Valentine’s chocolates are on clearance. Some agents even elect to just stall until the more popular spring selling season.

While it is true that the market is historically slower during the holidays and winter, it is prime time for passionate agents to take listings or bring buyers. “The market share that you can gain right now is unbelievable!” exhorts Dianna Kokoszka, CEO of KW MAPS Coaching. “What you gain now, you will never lose, but the market share you lose, you will never regain. If you wait until January to resume lead generation, you’re joining with the other 90 percent of agents who do the same thing.”

On Nov. 8, 2017, Kokoszka offered a free webinar on the topic. Over 6,000 agents signed up for “How to Get Listings for the Holidays,” an information-packed coaching hour with Kokoszka. The feedback has been tremendous and agents are reporting that they are already implementing what they learned in this motivational session.

In it, Kokoszka delves into the advantages of buying and selling during this time of year.

People that shop during the holidays tend to be more serious buyers. Serious buyers have fewer homes to pick from. Less inventory means higher earnings for you.

Buyers are more likely to take time off during the holidays for house shopping.

Due to tax reasons, some people have to buy before year’s end.

She also walks through ways you can set yourself apart during the holidays and in the first quarter.

Call everyone in your database, thank them for being a client, and ask them for a referral.

January is traditionally the time for new employees to report to a job. That means relocation buyers are looking for agents.

Have you shown gratitude? Call people on their birthdays to say thank you for being a client and to wish them a happy day.

The transaction load is lighter for lenders this time of year, so your file may be handled more quickly.

“It’s not about doing more,” says Kokoszka. “It’s about doing things differently. What are you going to do differently to take listings during the holidays? You can’t get to better until you get to different. What are you going to do differently? Unless you are willing to get to different, then you will never get to better.”

Watch Dianna’s Webinar Now - For Free!

In this free webinar, you will be inspired by Kokoszka’s insight on:

How to paint a picture for your clients with you in their future
Practical scripts for holiday listings
Advice for how to stay accountable
How to control a conversation by asking questions
Why those with the most passion win
Why it matters with whom you spend your time
Why your mindset affects your actions and outcomes
Where the secret formula to your success begins