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Here are expert tips from Keller Williams Realty Director of Talent Acquisition, Holly Priestner, on how to ensure that you follow-up with each new contact you make at the event.

Have a Networking Mission and Goal

Is your mission to build your referral business or to attract talent? Be focused and set a goal to achieve this mission. Networking is lead generation and you are already a pro. Determine how many people you want to meet and track this number each day. 

No one is more intentional about networking than Chris Suarez of the PDX Property Group. Before any big KW event, his mission is to attract talent to his Mega Agent Expansion team. When Suarez shows up, he has a pack of PDX Property Group team members in tow, all focused on the same mission. What we focus on expands! 

Use the KW Events App

Who needs a business card when you can connect through the KW Events App? Download the app and complete your profile. Connecting your profile to your Facebook page, and including links to your other channels in the bio section, will position you to be a top conference networker.

In addition to building your credibility as a star connector, the app is fun. Eliminate FOMO by following the online conversations about what is happening.

Work Your Calendar

If it’s not on our calendar, it doesn’t exist. This goes for networking too. Here’s a tip gleaned from The Menkiti Group, which is known for strong agent-to-agent referral systems. Before attending Family Reunion, make a list of the people you want to meet. This could be an actual name or it could be that you wish to connect with someone from a certain state or country.

Leverage KW White Pages on MyKW to collect contact information. Then, reach out to associates ahead of time to schedule a coffee break to connect one on one. Don’t forget, conference events like the Block Party, Membership Division Receptions and Red Bash are perfect for meeting new people.

Identify Leverage and a System

Gary Keller has taught us the importance of leverage and systems. Before boarding the plane to Vegas, create your system for follow-up. If a connection is a brief encounter that involves a business card, write a quick note on the back of the card so you have context for any follow-up.

Leverage an assistant or technology to track your follow-up. Using Evernote or assigning yourself Outlook Tasks are great ways to ensure you do what you say you will do when you return home.