Creating a custom gallery wall in your home

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7 tips for creating a custom gallery wall in your home

Home is where your story begins. Nothing elevates the style of your home, and simultaneously tells your story, as beautifully and uniquely as a custom gallery wall. By filling it with a gorgeous mix of paintings and photographs, black-and-white and color, your gallery wall is a personal statement about who you are and things you like and enjoy. 
It’s actually pretty easy to do – it just takes a little time, preparation and patience. Morris Home offers some simple tips to help you get started on creating your own custom gallery wall.  
1. Have fun choosing a layout: Before you hang anything, play with a few layouts.

  • Use painter’s tape to outline the size of the wall to help you visualize 
  • Use your cell phone to take pictures of a few variations you like to compare later
  • To start, use two to four pieces hung in the center and at the same height to serve as your anchor and focal point, then fill in from there 

2. Consider placement: As you are designing your wall gallery, think about the placement of each piece, especially if you are hanging any art over a sofa or chair. 

  • When hanging artwork over furniture, leave at least eight inches between the base of the frame and the top of the furniture
  • Remember, eye level is best – be sure to avoid hanging pieces too high or too low 

3. Develop a palette

  • The easiest technique is to choose a color that compliments your space, then use pieces in a similar color palette
  • Create a more colorful, playful display by choosing pieces in a variety of colors
  • Sticking with a black-and-white color scheme makes for a very bold, chic display 

4. Create a wall story: Let your wall document and tell the story of your travels and experiences. It can be a real conversation-starter.

  • You can use a combination of photos from recent trips and any artwork and prints you bought while on vacation.

5. Frame your work: The frames you choose to highlight the art for your gallery wall are just as important as the art itself. 

  • For a clean look, frames in the same style and color work well
  • Mix and match frames to create the feeling that the pieces have been collected over time
  • If you are mixing frames, use the same color mat on all the pieces to keep some form of consistency
  • Distressed frames give an old-world vibe
  • Unique frames, such vintage ones found at a flea market, add visual interest 
  • If you don’t want them all the same but don’t want them to look too ornate, go for white with some wood and metal accent frames 

6. Go off-center: For a gallery wall arrangement that is a bit less formal, try hanging pieces to the left or right of center. 

7. Mix it up: Elevate your gallery wall collection by using a variety of media – the more eclectic your wall, the more personalized and uniquely yours it will be. Go ahead and mix photos with drawings and paintings, and even throw in a canvas for more variation.  

The important thing to remember when creating your custom gallery wall is that there is no specific formula for creating a great-looking display. Sure, it can be intimidating, but don’t overthink it. Just jump in and enjoy the creative process.