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We are exposed to an estimated 35,000 messages each day. As John C. Maxwell says in his book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, we are "cluttered with words." Without communication, whether it is written or spoken, you simply cannot get clients. So the million-dollar question is, "How do you cut through the noise and grab the attention of your audience?"

1. Be Interesting

You don't want to be inundated with boring sales messages, so don't bore your audience. When you are interesting, you make a connection and create a lasting impression. Even if a lead isn't ready to sign with you, if you are interesting, they will remember you for when they are ready.

2. Share Your Value

Once you have their attention you need to work to keep it. Being a great customer service professional starts with knowing yourself—your passions and the skills and experience you bring to the game, and how you can create value for your customers. Take some time to write down what skills and experience you have and what sets you apart from the competition. Once you have identified these traits, write out your value proposition and commit it to memory. Use your unique value proposition in all of your communications.

3. Be Persistent

You have a lot of noise to cut through to catch the attention of your lead. It is extremely likely that even if you are interesting and clearly communicate your value proposition, they will discard your first message and possibly a few more that follow. You can't give up! In his bestselling book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent (MREA), Gary Keller teaches that when you market yourself to your audience, it needs to be systematized so you are delivering multiple contacts ("touches") to your audience. The three methods to achieve this are 8x8, 33 Touch, and 12 Direct campaigns. These campaigns are available in eEdge to all Keller Williams associates.

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Do you need an idea to get started with your own marketing campaign immediately? Set up a 12 Direct Campaign featuring This Month In Real Estate. Every month Keller Williams publishes U.S. and Canadian reports on our YouTube Channel using market data. The 12 Direct Campaign establishes you as a trusted source and expert for real estate information whether the contact is considering buying or selling a home. Below is an example of these robust videos you can share every month.