8 Tips to keep you safe on the job

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While we refocus on safety every September during REALTOR® Safety Month, the need to be cognizant exists all year long. At Keller Williams, we take care of family and that includes looking out for your safety. As a real estate agent, you face unique risks and should always be aware of how to remain secure.

Our industry requires an enormous amount of interaction with people we don’t know; four in 10 real estate professionals have experienced a situation in which they feared for their own safety. Our goal is to arm you with knowledge that will keep you out of harm’s way all year long.

Each Keller Williams market center has a safety committee that promotes training programs and other initiatives to implement standards and best practices for our offices.

Here are eight tips to stay safe on the job: 

Always let somebody know where you will be. If no one knows where you are, no one will know where to look for you. Communication is key.

Meet potential clients at neutral public places first, preferably ones with access to your files, a photo copier, and witnesses.

Prior to showings, you should walk the perimeter of the house using the buddy system, establish a code word with friends and family, park on the street to avoid being blocked in, arrive early, turn on all house lights, and establish potential escape routes.

Download a safety app on your smartphone. Great examples are: SafeTrek, Trust Stamp, Agents Armor, and Find My Friends, to name a few. These can help you alert friends, family or the police in case of emergencies.

For the easiest way to stay safe, schedule appointments during the day. If you have to show at night, arrive early, turn on all the lights, raise the blinds, and always let somebody know you are on a night showing.

Drive your own vehicle separately from clients whenever possible.

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying valuable devices. If you must bring them, hide these belongings in your car out of sight.

Have people sign in and out so you know when everyone has left the house.

Most importantly, trust your instincts and be aware. If something doesn’t feel right, remove yourself from the situation. Your life is more important than any transaction.

Don’t take a chance!

Enroll in Safety By Choice, Not By Chance for strategies to help you stay safe while maintaining your daily routine. After all, safety is not a reaction – it’s a mindset.