5 steps to gain the respect of your clients

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Real Estate

Five Steps

As a real estate agent, you are the face of your business. So it is crucial that you maintain a high level of professionalism at all times, even when you are not working. Professionalism extends beyond the clothes you wear and the typical agent - client relationship, it serves as high-value currency among fellow agents, buyers and sellers. Are you committed to being the most professional you can be?

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Positive Attitude

Your attitude reflects your confidence and respect in your field. It is positively demonstrated by quickly responding to clients, maintaining a timely and punctual schedule, and engaging only in clear/fact-based communication and focusing on solution-oriented objectives. A dependable and knowledgeable attitude fosters trust and credibility - the keystones of client relationships.


Responsibility is paramount in real estate. Agents are held accountable often amid highly emotional interactions. The ability to maintain integrity and a calm sense of understanding can be the balance your client relies on.

Clean Appearance (For Your Car Too!)

Presentation and personal appearance are your first and lasting impressions. A neat appearance and a tidy car go the extra mile to portray professional attention and appreciation to details. Viewing properties can mean spending many hours with your clients in close settings such as your vehicle. Clients don’t want to sit in a vehicle that is overly scented or listen to your music of choice. Offer a clean, quiet environment for your client that initiates communication and a positive, lasting impression.

Communication Skills

Real estate agents are advised to listen, listen and listen. In order to satisfy your clients' needs, you must first understand what they are. Offering current knowledge and fact-based advice upholds your professionalism, and skirts any potential negative turns a differing of opinion could take.

Always Learning

Ongoing education upholds your reputation, credibility and even gives you an edge. Real estate agents cannot stay competitive or qualified in their field with outdated knowledge. The world is constantly changing, and with social media, the trend of immediacy is ever-present. Upholding and updating real estate credentials is a great way of staying current and valid. Ongoing education not only speaks to your level of professionalism, but to your genuine interest in your ever-expanding field.