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In the Career Growth Initiative (CGI), the Four Conversations are used for collaborative evaluation of the effectiveness of present actions, their outcomes and how they compare to the initial goals. These conversations are an effective catalyst for strategic new actions for agents.

Blog 10.13.17

Listing Appointments

Keller Williams CEO Chris Heller led a panel with Steve Johns, Lucas Sherraden, Adrienne Usher, Denise Martin, Pam Hendrix and Tripp Dunman, of the Overland Park market center, to discuss the first conversation – Listing Appointments.

As the OP, Johns’ vision for the market center is to have more than 500 highly productive, highly profitable agents. By having this first conversation, he is paving the way to reach that goal.

Sherraden, the TL, uses this conversation to show new agents they have tools to help them focus on their goals and business.

“Every time I have the privilege to speak with associates, I have a responsibility to deliver value. In conversations you can learn an agent’s goals and Big Why and translate that into how they can meet their business goals and reach their personal goals,” said Usher, the MCA. “Now we have the tools to start with their Big Why and back it out to the simplest piece – the listing appointment.”

The productivity coach for the market center, Martin, says that you can’t help the agents if you don’t have that first conversation. She is having weekly conversations with agents and looking at where they are compared to where they want to be.

Dunman, a successful mega agent in the market center, said that when she first started real estate, she took BOLD, which got her out of her comfort zone and forced her to have conversations and break down her limiting beliefs about door knocking. “At first, I was so nervous,” she said. “Then I didn’t know what to do with all the business that started to come in, so that’s where productivity coaching came in.” Dunman said the CGI tools are helping her and her team fund their lives at a really high level.

Listings Taken

The next panel covered the second conversation – Listings Taken. It was led by Dianna Kokoszka and featured Jerimiah Taylor, Jude Pascua, Jim Reifeiss, Melinda DiPerna and Sean Magaha, of the Carmel Valley/Del Mar market center.

On day one when Chris Heller brought on Taylor as team leader, he presented his vision for the market center to have 60 percent of agents in production and to be the No.1 market center in Southern California. To do this, the market center needed to be in alignment. “Alignment comes from conversations,” Taylor said.  “And we are all having the same conversations throughout the market center. We are focusing on listings as a team effort.”

When Magaha, an associate at the market center and former Rookie of the Year, was having a shift in his numbers, he talked with Taylor and got into BOLD. Magaha was previously experiencing great success from open houses but had stopped doing them. As soon as he picked this activity back up, he was on fire again. And it all started with a conversation about the activities needed to get more listings.


To talk about the third conversation, Closings, Chris Heller spoke to associates from the Fort Mill market center: Janeece Swainey, Shelby Ryburn, Saundra Kandler, Jake Dixon and Carmen Miller.

Many market centers have agreed that because they have already adopted the Growth Initiative and been using it for years, it has been easy to hold the conversations for CGI because they are the same conversations.

Dixon, the productivity coach at the market center, likes how the CGI exercises take the emotion out of the conversation and create clarity by lifting the fog. “Nobody will say no to their own goals,” he said.

The MCA, Kandler, asks the agents if she can help them set really Big Goals, which helps them think bigger. One agent already benefiting from these conversations is Miller, who said she now has the tools to act rather than react which is a real game-changer.


The final conversation is about profit – your gross commission income (GCI). Recent Head-Turner and Mega Agent Kelly Hager is realizing amazing results from implementing not only the CGI tools, but also the Keller Williams models and systems, and her GCI shows it. “I’ve never worked for a company who wanted me to succeed as much as KW does,” Hager said. She is constantly having these conversations with her team and seeing drastic increases in production numbers. “The support at Keller Williams and the commitment to achievement is so important to everyone here,” she said.